We are a multi-platform creative marketing agency created to help humans in the queer space promote their ideas, events, and dreams.


We know that it takes several factors to create a successful event or company. We have experience in the startup realm, all the way to publicly traded businesses.


We want to give back what we have learned in a simple but effective way. You have an idea, we have unique skills are resources to help you obtain those goals through creative marketing, branding, data analysis, and passion.


The queer community is still an underserved and underrepresented community. To effect change we believe that it’s our service to provide resources to our community that one might not have access to for their events of business. Provide education and promote self-sufficient promotion to   raise our platform, our voices, and thus changing the world we live.  

Project Examples



Alki Beach Pride is a LGBTQ+ event held annually, located in West Seattle on one of the most popular Beaches in the Seattle Area. Stacy and Jolie Bass-Walden, Founders and Event Organizers, have been running this event since 2015 and it is one of the very few POC woman ran, organized and operated Pride events in the country.



Our main task with Alki Beach Pride was to create content to be posted online to drive views, engagement, and highlight key elements of the pride event to convey to the target audience that they did not want to miss out on attending.     

We did this through creating engaging and dynamic video and static ads. We did this by setting up promotions and campaigns and putting marketing spend behind our campaigns based on analytic data collected from our team about our audience to increase our success on target marketing. Maximizing our content and thus our spend. 




The National LGBTQ Women's Survey. 

This will be the most comprehensive study ever conducted to address the gaps in knowledge, policy analysis, organizing, and advocacy about the life experiences, needs, priorities, and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ women. 



Increase the number of BIPOC respondence. 

They had a great response rate however,  85% of the respondents identified as White.

The issue with that is to truly elevate our BIPOC community we need to know where we need to put the resources.  



We received a grant of $1,000 and offered the BIPOC community $40 per person for their time and knowledge.

We provided creative:

Instagram 1080x1080

TikTok: 1920x1080

Facebook: 1200x900




Three Dollar Cinema

We provide access to films by, for, and about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) people and their families, and a forum for LGBTQ+ filmmakers to share and discuss their work with audiences.



We Co-presented a Lesbian Queer Story Month along with Seattle Dyke March. 



We provide marketing spend behind the following creative-

Instagram 1080x1080

TikTok: 1920x1080

Facebook: 1200x900




Who we have worked with:

Alki Beach Pride 

Pacific Northwest Black Pride 


African American Leadership forum 

Three Dollar Bill Cinema 


Gay City Seattle 

Diana’s Tours (Mexico LGBTQIA business)

LGT Images 

Las Vegas Pride 

West Seattle Brewery 

Pacific Room - Alki 

Bump Ugly’s - Monthly Queer Party

The Wildrose - fundraiser for our queer community help fund

Goodboy - Hawtmess Productions 

Karen Fowler Therapy - Business development

National Center for Lesbian Rights -  Survey distribution



Groups we have created: 

Jolenes free marketing services 

Heriox - gender diverse group 

Community fundraiser for queer needs fund (example funeral expenses) 





Las Vegas Pride Magazine “Queery Seattle” by Megan Williams - https://lasvegaspride.org/2021/09/22/queery-seattle/

Las Vegas Pride Magazine “Diana’s Tour’s” - by Emily Bryan -  https://lasvegaspride.org/2021/09/22/diana-tours-puerto-vallarta/