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  • What is Queery Seattle?
    Queery Seattle is a nonprofit 501c3. We operate as a creative agency that provides creative services to the underserved and underrepresented community.
  • What does the 20% booking fee go towards?
    Like any business, we need $$$ to create, maintain, and provide a platform to have visibility and celebrate the Queer Community. The Booking fee does *NOT* apply to BIPOC artist. 20% fee is applied to all Non-BIPOC artist and goes toward our social elevation programs.
  • I’m producing an event, how do I book an artist?
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  • How does submitting an artist profile to be featured work?
    Complete and submit a “Artist Form” We will be in contact with follow up!
  • How Can I get my Event Featured?
    Submit a “feature event form” We will be in contact.
  • Can I post a “Call to artist”
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  • How do I get help with creative services to help build my business or event?
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  • What creative services does Queery Seattle provide?
    Photography Videography Social Media promotional Creative - instagram 1080 x 1080 - static & video - Facebook 1200 x 900 - static & video - Twitter 600 x 600 - static & video Email Marketing - creative assets, set up, and distribution Motion Graphics - video / ad creative available in any size Front end web design Mobile and Web design Print ads and graphics Logos Branding Agile project management - Jira and confluence Stickers Tee shirts Social Media Marketing educational services Event Management DJ resources Performer Resources Safe Space Security (security specializing in LGBTQIA and POC spaces) Adobe Suite Education
  • How can I Donate to help support your mission?
    Click Here to be taken to our donation page.
  • What is Queery Creative?
    Queery Creative is a platform for visibility of artist, resources, and community action, not only in the Seattle Area.
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