Queery Seattle List of Services





Social Media promotional Creative

          - instagram 1080 x 1080  -  static & video

          - Facebook 1200 x 900  -  static & video

          - Twitter 600 x 600  -  static & video 


Email Marketing  -  creative assets, set up, and distribution


Motion Graphics  -  video / ad creative available in any size 


Front end web design


Mobile and Web design 


Print ads and graphics 






Agile project management  -  Jira and confluence 




Tee shirts 


Social Media Marketing educational services 


Event Management 


DJ resources 


Performer Resources 


Safe Space Security (security specializing in LGBTQIA and POC spaces)


Adobe Suite Education 

Queery Creative 

Artist Resource Services 

Tap in to creative resources available to hire for your events 

We have created a repository of Queer Artist, DJ's, Bands, Queens, Kings, photographers ect. Contact us for more information or sign up to be included on the list! 

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