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Bryia Madison


Licensed Marriage and family therapist

Washington State

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I am a queer identified feminist licensed marriage and family therapist associate.  I treat individuals, and those in relationships.
I show up to my sessions as an authentic, plant loving, halloween enthusiast. 

It is important to me that you feel comfortable showing up exactly as who you are.


Support and growth

My many houseplants and I survived through the heatwave of 2021, and we can all learn a lesson from my plant babies.  Although they sustained great trauma from the heatwave, like crispy leaves and burnt flowers, they grew with the right amount of support.

Much like the heatwave to the plants, you may have had experiences that informed your way of living. I create an environment that empowers you to grow with these experiences.
I offer a warm and collaborative approach to therapy where I embrace my client’s strengths and values. 

In our work together we will explore and identify those themes in your life that may not serve who you are now. We live in a society with social constructs, themes and stories that people can struggle with, Particularly my clients who are LGBTQIA+, and sex positive. I help separate you from the stories that are having a negative impact. What are these stories? What effects do these stories have? My work, education, and passion center around finding out what those themes and stories are to help you work towards your goals.


Sex and Sexuality

Although I have always found myself comfortable around the topic of sex, it can be a taboo subject to many. I know it can be tough to seek help around a subject with so many stigmas. Being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, there are often stereotypes layered on top of stigmas when it comes to sex. There are many issues that may draw clients to seek therapy such as an imbalanced desire frequency, opening a relationship, difficulty communicating, exploring kink, gender identity and more. I am here to listen to you and to hear your vulnerabilities, fears and hopes.

Away from the office

Outside of therapy, you can find me buying new plants and hoping that I can fit them somewhere. I am also an avid horror fan and commit to annual marathons of my favorite horror sagas. I will tell anyone who listens that the Saw series does in fact have a plot, and a very good one at that. As I am an all things halloween fiend; my home is covered in fake bats, rats, spider webs, and plastic skeletons year round. 

My heart lives at theme parks. I love roller coasters and theme park history. My favorite coaster is "Tatsu" at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. I am often known for always having a trip to a Disney park in the works, no matter how far away the trip may be. 

MS Seattle Pacific University in Marriage and Family Therapy.
BA University of Colorado at boulder in Psychology

Narrative Theory
Acceptance and Commitment
DBT - Dialectic Behavior Therapy 

Areas of practice:

Individuals, relationships(couples or more than 2)

LGBTQIA+, polyamorous, kinky and sex positive communities.

Issues: Sex and sexuality, gender exploration, depression, anxiety, trauma, HAES


Advanced Training:
Transgender and Non binary clients - a deep dive into understanding and treatment
Taught by Megan White, LICSW and Joey Pickering LMHC

Endorsement Letters for Gender Confirming Surgery
Taught by Megan White, LICSW and Joey Pickering LMHC

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