Personal Development Program

Our Personal Development Program has been created to give back to our community in a unique way.


We offer the opportunity for those who have wanted to learn design or digital media marketing, but might have not aways had that privilege or resource. 


We provide free training and education of the digital space, artistic and marketing, across multiple platforms as a internal marketing agency.  

Our curriculum is based from the book "Queer X Design, 50 years of signs, symbols, banners, logos and graphic Art of LGBTQ" by Andy Campbell

As an internal agency, we will be focused on learning good design and marketing habits by creating marketing collateral for queer events / groups / ideas



Meet your Teacher:


Emily has worked as a designer for 10+ years in the art and gaming industry. With an emphasis in digital Marketing, she currently works as the Lead Designer for a popular gaming company and app developer in Seattle, Washington.



 "Starting out in the workforce, I had a passion for art, but a fine art degree. After graduation, I bounced from Google, to Amazon, to the company I am now, when it was a start up. I knew it was a great opportunity so started working in customer service as a foot in the door. I convinced the Art Director to let me work one day a week. To prove my self. A year after that I was hired full time. Now I have a team of 9 amazing artists that are cross disciplined in both video and static Marketing Collateral. 


I know what it's like to struggle but be passionate. I know that all someone needs sometimes is a hand to help them obtain their dreams, and I want to give that opportunity back. 


I want to provide humans that are passionate about design and art and give them the tools they need to make their own dreams a reality." 

Emily's Portfolio