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The Jolene Manibusan Project

Community support creative resources 

We are a multi-platform creative marketing agency created to help humans in the queer space promote their ideas, events, and dreams.


We know that it takes several factors to create a successful event or company. We have experience in the startup realm, all the way to publicly traded businesses.


We want to give back what we have learned in a simple but effective way. You have an idea, we have unique skills are resources to help you obtain those goals through creative marketing, branding, data analysis, and passion.


The queer community is still an underserved and underrepresented community. To effect change we believe that it’s our service to provide resources to our community that one might not have access to for their events of business. Provide education and promote self-sufficient promotion to   raise our platform, our voices, and thus changing the world we live.  

Who is Jolene Manibusan? 

Jolene was a dear friend who had a huge influence in the Seattle queer scene. Until her untimely passing last year, She was responsible for bringing, building, and promoting the "HER" parties to Seattle. The first being February 3rd 2017 until she took some time off to travel, life rerouted her, and she moved to San Fransisco to work for the corporate HER office . She had a immense passion for community, marketing, and connecting humans. Her work and influence on us and our community will never be forgotten and as tribute to her, and the work in the community, we want to continue with her mission and give back, and at the same time build a stronger community.  .   


How It works

For qualified organizations, event ect. All you need is the following:

A event with a date, booked and confirmed

Social media accounts for your event

Pictures of performers and DJs booked

An idea of the audience you want to target and theme or event

We will create marketing creative for you to that we will promote on Queery Seattle as well as your own social channels and online resources. We will then provide a set amount of spend behind your promotion through Queery. After the event we will provide a detailed data analysis on branding, target marketing, ect. We provide you with the learnings from the campaign with explanation of our findings so you can have the resources and information to help promote your events in the future.  

How do I qualify?

Let's chat! We currently are open to your ideas and collaboration 

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