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Cody Mosley


Intern mental health Counselor

Washington State

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I am a nonbinary multicultural trans veteran intern therapist at Heartfelt Mental Health. Pursuing my master's in counseling with a specialization in art therapy.

I practice from an intersectional, social advocacy, anti-oppressive, shame free lens treating individuals and couples.  

I prioritize establishing a compassionate and empathetic connection with my clients, ensuring that their healing journey is centered on their needs and experiences. 

Art and My Approach

Having lived through the struggles and inequities of existing in rural America. 
I have seen the cycle of abuse manifest itself throughout my communities and the harms it has caused myself and others. Processing my many traumatic experiences has led me to a career as a therapist. This informs my compassionate approach to therapy and ways I hold space for clients, through a client-centered and humanistic lens. 

I use the expressive and communicative qualities of art therapy to guide individuals in processing conflict, enhance their social skills, manage their behavior, reduce stress, building self-confidence and self-awareness. Art therapy helps individuals to gain insights into themselves and their lived experiences.


First, I want to recognize we are on unceded Indigenous lands of The Duwamish People. Furthermore, I work tirelessly to illuminate the systemic injustices faced by every marginalized group. I believe in the right to equity and the expression of anger derived from places of oppression. I posture my values towards decolonizing mental health spaces.

After work

I enjoy being outdoors, around friends and family, and socializing. You can catch me dancing at a music festival or expressing creativity through any means possible. Swimming in the nearest body of water, on a paddle board, or chasing waterfalls is where I not only live but thrive!

MA Antioch University Enrolled
BA University of Washington- Psychology, gender and sexuality

DBT, Person Focused, Psychodynamic, Rogerian therapy


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